Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Process of Change

As they say, every cloud has a silver lining. So, during these troubled times - I am especially referring to HICT which is on the skids, whether we know it or not - we must seriously look at change as something that is very necessary. It is critical for organizations to embrace change – otherwise, we may go the way of the dinosaurs. And change is good because of these 3 important reasons:

We learn the value of what things are worth – To change, means we must understand how we’ll invest our resources. This helps to put a price tag on things we often take for granted. We must learn (if we have not) that the free-wheelin’ days have come to an end.
It keeps people at the top of their game – Without change we’d still be happily doing the same old thing, day after day, over and over again because we get trapped by routine and habit. Without change, there would be no evolution, no innovation, and no new ideas.
Change creates opportunities – When things are plodding along, we think we are doing fine, and there’s really little incentive to do anything drastically different. We are too entrenched in our own comfort zone. But when external conditions do a seismic shift, it forces us to take a good, hard look at how we can adjust and adapt to this changing environment. Believe me, when we do make changes, this will open up opportunities we wouldn’t have seen if we hadn’t planned to get out of the proverbial box.

But how many of us are ready to make the change? Sheila read a passage from a book this morning (February 05), which was also appropriately about change: “Look guys, this is a world of change and here’s what has to be done to compete. You’ve got all these competitors out there that are trying to kill us. This is what we’re going to do and we need people who are willing to change and go forward. If you don’t like change, then maybe you should start growing corn because that’s the same year after year – and get out of this business” (McEntire, Marjorie (2000), “Novell: Transforming Culture”, in Mendenhall, Mark & Oddou, Gary (eds), Readings and Cases in International Human Resource Management, South-Western College Publishing, p 86).

"Leaders establish the vision for the future and set the strategy for getting there; they cause change. They motivate and inspire others to go in the right direction and they, along with everyone else, sacrifice to get there” so says John Kotter. Certainly, change comes at a price. Are we prepared to change? Will we be willing to pay the price? Will we make the necessary sacrifices? I am ready, I have said.

In the meantime, in the FA Cup fourth round replay, we lost. Everton sneaked in a goal, two minutes from the end of extra time. And Liverpool is ousted from the FA Cup.

On the political front, more upheavals. I did say that there will be more defections. I was right – 3 PR reps defected to the BN camp. And plus the about-turn of the Bota assemblyman, Najib has claimed that the BN has the mandate to form the Perak government. He even sounded smug: “Everything is the will of God, we are thankful for this” (The Sun, February 05, p 1). Whether BN is going to take over the reins of power in Perak or there will be fresh elections – it seems that the Sultan will have to make this decision. Personally, I think the latter is the best option – let Perak voters choose. Let’s put a stop to this game of musical chairs, let’s give a fresh mandate to PR so that they will continue to govern in Perak, and let’s show the country that BN has indeed, become irrelevant.

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