Thursday, February 19, 2009

The MQA Challenge

The MQA accreditation exercise for my Diploma in Business (DIB) program is imminent, and I am having many irons in the fire to ensure that all preparations are meticulously done to get ourselves ready. In this exercise, I am grateful to have the assistance of Yoga and Amutha, as well as strong support from other staff members, not excluding KY Leong and the DIB students. We are sparing no effort to get things organized and get them right – so that we do not screw up as we are wont to do!

I spied this article in The Star (StarBiz, February 17, p B10) two days ago, and the sub heading “World needs crazy ideas to change things as conventional way is not working" screamed out at me! How spot-on, I thought. And as always, my thoughts drift back to HICT, and how we must do the same if we want to stop the red ink and in the process, grow as quickly as we can. Incidentally, this was a Thomas Friedman article, and methinks, he is certainly right.

I have expanded my playlist to more than 80 songs now – so this should keep my readers satiated when they immerse themselves in my postings and let my (selection of) songs caress them with aural fingers of indulgent pleasure. I must thank Stephie for introducing many of the songs to me! We have similar musical dispositions, it would seem.

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