Saturday, January 17, 2009

Marketing Meetings that Aren't

Just finished writing some strategies that we can use to build my ADP student numbers – part of my planning for next week’s marketing meeting. It has also just occurred to me that we have been having these marathon sessions, even if they are impregnated with the same tired, old strategies (assuming we can call them, strategies!) – yet at the same time, we still hear of participating HODs confessing that they only possess an impoverished understanding of marketing, and therefore, they may well be ill-equipped to even come up with good ideas in the first place. Surely, this is plain cockamamy because after all those animated discourses we have had, we cannot now shrug our shoulders and plead “we don’t know much about marketing”. Plainly, this is a preposterous situation to be in – if we accept it, it shows that we are nothing more than an asinine bunch of witless HODs, pretending to be clever, when in actual fact, we are stupidly imbecilic. Hello, there's such a thing as reading up on a subject!

And this brings to mind, this particular HOD – his idea of marketing strategy is so deceptively simple: Sell cheap and advertise heavily. I guess we can equate him to AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes because his ideas are dismayingly similar. But little did he realize that AirAsia is a different proposition altogether, unlike Professional courses, where there is plentiful competition in our own backyard to begin with. In fact, whenever I recall his repetitive “cheap, cheap, cheap” refrain – it reminds me of the awful grating noise made by fingernails scraping on a blackboard. Somehow, this HOD has this memorable effect on me…

The results of the KT by-election has been announced, and PAS won. Hip, hip, hooray, BN loses again.

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