Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Labu Tale

Sime Darby is again in the news – this avaricious jumbo of a company is conspiring with AirAsia to build a LLCT@Labu – the latest Malaysia Boleh scheme to build a new white elephant and make tons of money for a couple of cronies (One of them, if you can recall, is a certain budget airline CEO who went to Shahrizat’s ceramah during the last general elections to lend support. Yes, the politician may have lost in Lembah Pantai, but the tireless BN supporter tries very hard to stay in the limelight always - elections or no elections - since he is, what I would call, a pompous narcissist). Coming back to this issue of white elephants, God knows how many white elephants (Proton City, Putrajaya, Islamic Civilization Park, to name just three) we have built in the past, using taxpayers’ hard-earned money, and yet, there are people who wonder out loud why BN regularly loses their by-elections since the March 08, 2008 page-stopping, history-in-the-making main event! The Rocky’s Bru headline from his January 11 blog posting, “Labu LCCT for Malaysia or for Sime?” (Source: Blogpage, accessed January 24) put this issue in the correct perspective though. And one of his readers has even remarked that this whole loony idea was “an ego massage for Zubir and Tony”. Yes, I tend to agree with him. After all, KLIA is very much under-utilized! Wee Choo Keong, MP for Wangsa Maju has asserted that KLIA was originally designed to handle 125 million passengers a year but is now only handling about 25 million (Source: Blogpage, accessed January 24).

The Liverpool-Everton match is on the cards (again) – this time for the FA Cup fourth round tie. And I believe, come Sunday, Liverpool will win – simply because we have the talent and the motivation to want to prevail over Everton! Besides, we simply cannot afford to lose or even to draw - it's unthinkable!


aisha said...

Sime Darby stated that it has no intentions to go into the airline industry-I read it somewhere today.

And sir, this white elephant won't be eating into taxpayer's money. It says so at

However, there are plans to build another airport closer to KLIA called KLIA North. This one will take longer and twice as much money as KLIA East.

"AirAsia said that all three airports are not suitable because Subang is too small, KLIA is too expensive and LCCT is not expanding fast enough to cater towards their rapid growth. AirAsia is pretty much forced out due to the incompetence of Malaysia Airports.-kenny sia"

Glam said...

Well, Sime Darby is a GLC - so whatever they do, it still concerns our money. KLIA is already built - so whether we like it or not, we have to live with it. In the present challenging economic times, we should look at how we can better utilise the existing infrastructure and do so without the duplication of resources that we are so famous for. But like all arguments, there are two sides of a coin - but perhaps you can check out for a more balanced perspective.