Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Fung Family

Today, I am happy because Martin told me that there were 2 ADP applications for the April 2009 intake that Owais had concluded. When I scrutinized the applications, I discovered that these were from the Kuantan family that I counseled at the Star Education Fair! Wow, I am tickled pink! I am bowled over! I am cracked up! The Fung family did sign up their son and daughter (as I knew they would). I must not forget to also mention Wei Wei’s contribution since she also shared her student experiences with them – and I am positive it helped too. So I am highlighting this only to illustrate that this is a good example of superb term effort because Owais, Wei Wei and yes, me too made these applications happen! But of course, we need more students to sign up. If only, we had people in Marketing who actually understands Marketing!

Today, we also resumed our Toastmasters meeting at HICT, and we saw a number of guests dropping in, 2 of whom deserve special mention. These two whom I am referring to, are vacationing students, one studying at Universiti Malaysia Sabah, and the other studying at Universiti Utara Malaysia. Incidentally, Weng May and Enki are both from Klang – that figures! Given some last-minute glitches, I didn’t do my speech – which makes me feel woefully wretched. I guess I will have to make sure I do my promised speeches next month. There's a lot of catching up to do!

In the January 19 game, Liverpool drew 1-1 with Everton, the former letting slip a chance to earn 3 precious points. I am disappointed, dejected, and downcast, especially knowing that Liverpool can ill-afford to produce this lame result at this stage of the season. It seemed that even though Liverpool enjoyed plenty of possession, Everton refused to play dead and let the Reds walk over them – so it was a hard-fought game between two hardworking sides. Still, Liverpool deserved to share points because they conceded a dismal goal in the 87th minute when they allowed Everton’s Cahill to sneak in a header.


Diana Chew said...

From Kuantan to Klang? what about Mentakab to Klang? =)

Glam said...

Can-can also! You wanna recommend me some SPM students to enroll into my ADP, ka? So, do start talking about the SNHU program when you are back in Mentakab for these CNY holidays, okay? Thanks, Diana!