Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It was really nice to have met Kelvin, Edwin, Mas, and the others again over a delectable dinner, and as they say, good food and good company do mix very well! And of course, Avanti was a superb place to be on a Saturday evening, and thank you all for making it happen!

Yesterday was the first day of a new semester at HICT. We had only 9 ADP students reporting, although this is not the full complement. There is obviously a failure in communication between Registry and the new students since there are at least another nine students who failed to turn up. It is something that I need to look into. Still, this looks like a good group of students who can work well with the other ADP students. Many of us are already interacting with them, and this is a healthy sign, methinks.

Football news. On Saturday, Celtic squandered a 2-goal lead against Dundee United to share the points in a 2-2 draw. (Both of Celtic’s goals came from Samaras in the 12th and 58th minutes). Sigh. In any case, Celtic boss, Gordon Strachan himself said he wouldn’t lose any sleep after his side drew. Oh well… In the FA Cup, Liverpool had the upper hand, and defeated Preston 2-0; and Arsenal overcame Plymouth 3-1.

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