Monday, January 19, 2009

Non-stop Talking

According to Yahoo! News today (January 18), Frenchman Lluis Colet broke the world record for the longest speech after rambling non-stop for 124 hours about Spanish painter Salvador Dali, Catalan culture, and other topics. The 124 hours represent 5 straight days and 4 nights of continuous talking, and 3 notaries were on hand to recognize this feat which allows Colet to enter it in the Guinness Book of Records. Whoa! One day, perhaps, I will be brave enough to try it too? But for a guy who lost his voice for nearly a week, and only just got it back a few days ago – it is foolhardy and brash to even contemplate it… Yes, that’s it – I must be going bonkers. Or maybe if I am a little less ambitious? What if I go for the Malaysian Book of Records? Can wad! Okay lah, no need to talk so long – even 24 hours, also can! Still, a record! I must be deranged to even consider it. Yes, yes, I am daft – but then again, so what?

And in the SPL tonight – I was following the Celtic-Aberdeen game through “live text”. An interesting way to keep tabs on a match that is not ever going to be featured on the ESPN channel! Aberdeen’s Gary McDonald opened scoring in the 24th minute, which was, of course, a real bummer. But just as quickly, Brown equalized for Celtic (25th minute). Duff put Aberdeen up again with a 31st minute goal, before Celtic replied very late in the 73rd minute through Scott McDonald. And in keeping with their forward momentum, Aberdeen responded with two Diamond goals in short order (75th and 78th minutes). The final heartrending score: Celtic 2, Aberdeen, 4. A great free-flowing game, but…

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