Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Art of Blogging

I am still new to this blogging activity, having started just this month. But as I post my reflections, I do feel somehow connected to people everywhere who are blogging. I know this may sound corny, but there is this comforting sense of belonging, knowing that you are part of a blogging community that is vibrant and alive! I am also slowly exploring other blogs and learning much about people out there – it is really engaging and revealing. Blogging is fun, and yes, I am enjoying it!
I like Friedman's definition of a blog, which he describes as "your own personal virtual soapbox, where you can get up every morning and, in the form of a column or a newsletter or just a screed, tell the world what you think about any subject, upload that content onto your own Web site, and then wait for the world to come check it out" (2006, p 117).
Just read a text message I received from Chan Siew Peng, who said she enjoyed my Ice Breaker speech! How nice... It makes me feel good inside - I am only human bah. My journey as a Toastmaster has really begun, once I started making my speeches.
Deepavali is very nearly upon us, but it's kinda strange because it is so quiet, so subdued... There's supposed to be much gaiety and joy to surround us because our Hindu friends are celebrating soon, but... the mood is like the downcast sky that we are seeing every day! No wonder HINDRAF shines brightly.

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yuen hung said...

greetings..keep up wif the blogging work k mr victor..we stamford students will support u!!