Thursday, October 16, 2008


Today, I am in an appreciative mood. I want to give special thanks to Brandon for being a real gem – he has been giving me a lot of help with this blog, and more so, for being my regular and loyal reader. I bet, his English would also have improved by leaps and bounds, not that he needs to improve, mind you. I am of course being presumptious here about how good my English is; so readers, please excuse me for my audacious yet honest (my opinion only) declaration. But between you and me, my command of the language is just okay lah. As long as you can understand what I have written – I should be grateful. Now, this thing about mouthing quotations is addictive but I cannot help it - one quotation from Anatole France lights up in my brain: "The finest words in the world are only vain sounds, if you cannot comprehend them".

I am now the Executive Producer of the Andy McDonough project - so we will have to quickly organize ourselves and start selling the CDs. It's what you would call a "business" project and it is really for a good cause. Ten percent of the proceeds will go to MAKNA, the National Cancer Council (check out and the rest will go to the designated student clubs at HICT. My involvement here is to teach HICT students how they can apply marketing concepts to a "business" venture, and make it a success. So this is really "applied learning". For those who are still "blurry" about this project - it's an initiative by HICT students to "produce" a CD to raise funds. And Andy has been kind enough to "donate" 13 songs - hence this CD called "Out of the Blues". Brandon has started a blog (, and Wei Wei is coordinating all sales efforts. So readers, please show your support by buying this CD – you will be helping MAKNA and my students too! Remember Bob Hope, the comedian? He did make the claim that "if you haven't got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble". Now, we wouldn't want that, do we? So, fish out your purses and wallets, and pull out a single RM10 note and go buy that CD! And thank you!

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